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  • Nigerian  kids now learn from a distance and relax  from a trampoline park using kids tablets
  • All the important news about pandemic, can now be found in  educational kids tablets which are now veritable tools for Educating Nigeria kids.

    It contains dedicated resource guide for parents, students, and educators. When schools reopened in some part of  Nigeria, we wanted to know what worked and what didn’t. Let us know here.

    Do you attend school parties in the park, which are usually attended on birthdays and other celebrations? You can find other designs here

    This is exactly what is happening in Hamilton, where the indoor trampoline park Sky Zone offers “SkyStudy”, a combined study and recreation program offered on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. for students in grades 1-8.

    In a room usually filled with screaming children, pizzas, cakes and birthday gifts, dinner looks like a school library, with several young people quietly interacting with Chromebooks, tablets and paper, and pencils and books.

    And of course after the school day is over, it’s time to fly.

    First grader Betsy Gomez raises her hand as she attends a video conference for the Sky Zone Party in Hamilton. Michael Mancuso Nigeria Advancing Media for Nigeria

    “A few weeks ago I was scared where I would send Jana because my husband and I were working,” said Michele Rondamanski, whose daughter goes to a public school in Abuja.

    Jana is now doing distance learning via SkyStudy or zoom using kids tablets

    “It’s great fun for Sky Zone to develop a meaningful program for working families,” he said.

    Those at the trampoline park said the idea came about because many school districts decided to offer distance learning or a mix of face-to-face and online learning. Younger people, they say, still need supervision when video conferencing hits their classroom, and parents who work outside the home or work remotely aren’t always able to juggle both.

    Second grader Jana Rondomanski attended class at a video conference party in the Sky Zone in Hamilton. Michael Mancuso Nigeria Advancing Media for Nigeria

    Student group sizes are limited, and children work independently and adhere to social distancing and other safety guidelines as listed on the program website. It costs parents N70,000 or more per week to enroll their children in the program, the website says.

    Three Sky Zone employees, Joshua Harry, Operations and Sales Manager, Beverly Munoz, Operations and Events Manager, and Astrid Gregorio, Office Assistant, are here to help “party” when needed and ensure online learning for every child goes smoothly. Technology provided by students.

    And when the virtual school day is over, kids can relax and take advantage of the various physical attractions at the facility such as the Ninja Warrior Course, Sky Jam, Parkour Blox, and the Foam Zone.

    Harry, she calls it “last break”.

    Second grader, Jana Rondomanski, receives help from Joshua Harry, Operations and Sales Manager in a party room in the Sky Zone in Hamilton. Michael Mancuso NJ Advancing Media for Nigeria

    First grader Betsy Gomez (right) taking part in a video conference. On the back left are Astrid Gregorio, Sky Zone office assistant, and Beverly Munoz, operations and events manager. Michael Mancuso NJ Advancing Media for Nigeria

    The students on the left, Nora Samolchuk and Jana Rondamanski, enjoying after-school activities at Sky Zone Michael Mancuso | Nigeria Media for Nigeria

    Second grader Gianna Rondomanski enjoying after-school entertainment at Sky Zone Nigeria Advance Media for Nigeria

    SkyZone distance learning
    At the end of the school day, students leave for recreational activities.

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