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There are many different problems that can plague homeowners. Although each of these problems can be very detrimental, none are as annoying as bed bugs! These critters can live in your clothing and overtake your bed. It is tremendously difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem, but there is one thing that is certain, they’ll transform your home into a nightmare. Before attempting to find a solution to your problem, it is essential to discover the potential source of infiltration. It is highly recommended that you do this, before making contact with the best bed bug exterminator in Lagos Nigeria. Below, you will find a list of potential ways for bed bugs to enter and overtake your home. A friend or neighbor has brought the bugs into your home. Remember that these critters can live in linen and clothing, so they could easily hitch a ride and make a permanent stop in your dwelling. Have you purchased second handed furniture? Again, these critters can live and thrive, within furniture and linen. If you purchase a piece of furniture from an infested home, there is a high probability that your home will also become infested. bed bugs can easily take up shelter within your old belongings. If you have old clothing sitting around in your wardrobe or garage, you will likely find bed bugs there! Buying used clothing or linen can also be a problem. If these items were previously stored in an infested home, the bed bugs will still live within them. When you bring these items home, you’ll also be opening the door to the bugs. One of the most annoying aspects of bed bugs is the fact that they’re difficult to spot. Some people will go many months, without realizing that their home has been overrun. Before making contact with the best bed bug exterminator, you should look for the signs listed below. After a good night’s sleep, you awake to discover small red bumps throughout your body. These bumps will look very similar to welts. If these are present, it is likely that bed bugs are as well. bed bugs are known for leaving identifying marks behind. Among these are red bloodstains. Check your bed for these marks. If they’re plentiful, it is likely that bed bugs are living in your furniture! You should also look for the other identifying signs of bed bugs, brown excrement marks. When these bugs feast on bug, they’ll leave behind excrement. If you find small lumps of a brown substance, your likelihood of an infestation is elevated. bed bugs can leave behind a hideous odor. If your bedroom is beginning to reek, the bugs might be the underlying cause. Finally, you might want to take matters into your own hands and attempt to trap a bed bug. This actually isn’t difficult and it’ll help to positively confirm an infestation. For further information pls call Greenland facilities services on

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