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Bed bugs can make their hideout anywhere and not only in your bed, they can also create their hideout on your furniture like chairs, tables and even your sofas. They can also be found in cracks and crevices in your home and they are not easy to dictect except you checkout for some few signs like feacal matter marks,cast of skin, and whitish harsh eggs.They are majorly found in dwellings with a high rate of occupant turnover such as motels, hotels, apartment, and hostel dormitories. And also they can be found in movie theaters, high-end stores,public transportation and private homes. Such infestations usually are not a reflection of poor hygiene or bad housekeeping. However, once established, bed bugs are persistent and getting rid of them also requires persistence.
We are professional pest-control service, and we easily eradicate bugs completely with highly recommended methods that
doesn’t interfere with the life of your family its safe and very
effective we also offer solutions on how to prevent future bed bugs

For commercial and residential areas within and outside Lagos please call; 09084638351
Office Address; 64 oluwabukunmi street, Lagos North-East Kosofe.

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