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We should talk loafers, people. A short State of the Shoe address, maybe. Since throughout the previous few years, a groundswell of help—combined with some genuine tennis shoe related weariness—pushed the loafer to the front line of the public discussion on footwear and, man, this should be the loafer’s year.

At that point a staggering pandemic, worldwide lockdown, and no matter how you look at it WFH orders messed up all that. The loafers for men transient ascent was obstructed by conditions outside of its control. For quite a long time, even the style’s most impassioned devotees dug in at home, everything except their comfiest slip-ons abruptly consigned to the rear of their overstuffed wardrobes. (For impassioned loafer fans, overstuffed wardrobes are an inescapable unavoidable truth. Trust me.)

However, the loafer didn’t go anyplace. All things considered, it calmly stuck around for its chance, sitting tight for the perfect second to reappear and expand on the generosity it set up before the world shut down this past spring. What’s more, with regards to loafers I, for one, might want to get right the latest relevant point of interest.

It isn’t so much that the shoes themselves have changed all that much—not generally, in any event. It’s the means by which folks are wearing them that is unique. All in all, it comes down to disposition. Loafers for men aren’t valuable, and they sure as damnation don’t should be indulged. Regardless of what type you like, from the exemplary Gucci horse-touch to the notable G.H. Bass Weejun, wear them a similar way you would a whipped pair of tennis shoes—calmly, and with total surrender—and you’ll be more than fine. (Also, for additional direction, copy the disposition of marks like Aimé Leon Dore, a brand that regularly combines its swankiest loafer styles with the kind of retro-curved raised athleisure its aficionados can’t get enough of.)

Indeed, the loafers for men probably won’t be the shoe-in (heh) competitor it should be this year, however I’m wagering that toward the finish of this it’s coming out a champ. What’s more, it’s never past the point where it is possible to jump aboard with the development.

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Hayes Penny Loafer

Cole Haan


Cole Haan’s endured this long in the game for a couple of reasons, and the brand’s uncanny capacity to produce super-agreeable footwear that doesn’t burn up all available resources is a major one.

Oxley Loafers



Shoes from the jeans store (that sells much more than just jeans, things being what they are).

Logan Croc Weejun Loafers

G.H. Bass and Co.


New-school shading hindering from an outdated expert of the style.

Red Adrian Loafers

Dr. Martens


Attractive oxblood cowhide—with some sweet kiltie itemizing up top!— lays easily on the brand’s particular padded elastic sole.

Exemplary Loafers



The pair your pops most likely wore when you were growing up, some time before you were wisened up to how much loot the man needed to bestow.

Penny Loafers

Aimé Leon Dore


Sizes are (obviously) restricted right now, yet ALD’s interpretation of the outline comes very near the Platonic ideal of the structure.

Beaufoy Loafers

Horatio London


Talk a stroll on the wild side.

Diminish Brushed-Suede Penny Loafers



Goodyear-welted goodness graciousness of an OG English brand.

Dark and White Leather Loafers

Frock Virilis


Two-tone loafers with enough added equipment for a large portion of a lounge area silverware set.

Reims Low-Heel Loafers



With regards to soles, now and again greater is better.

Cut Out Loafers



The loafers we’ll all be wearing later on, radiated in exactly on time from the forward-looking universe of A-Cold-Wall*.

’70s Leather Penny Loafers



Yuketen’s ’70s loafers are carefully assembled in Italy and intended to look as great now as they would’ve in 1970 (or, heck, in 2070).

Gavin Penny Loafer



Santoni tackles many years of shoemaking information to make wearable masterpieces—this one of every a scrumptious shade of inclination earthy colored you could conceivably allude to as “grown-up ombre.”

Folding Heel Croc-Effect Penny Loafers



Not substance to simply make the slip-on of the period, Jonathan Anderson added a folding back to a generally darling outline and just made Loewe a genuine competitor in the worldwide loafer rankings.

Polperro Suede Penny Loafers

Edward Green


Calfskin so flexible your feet will implore you to never take them off.

Calfskin Driving Loafer

Dread of God Exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna


A sturdy wedge base that could go, er, sole to sole with any of the best tennis shoes in your turn.

Spot Loafers



180 Moccasin Suede Loafers

J.M. Weston


The famous loafer-producer’s most notable loafer.

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